Monday, November 10, 2014

Memories at each age

Isn't it funny how quickly time goes?  You think, oh I'll totally remember what my kid liked to eat, or sing or watch at this age.  Then you have another kid 2 years later and you really can't remember what your older kid liked to eat.  It's only been two years.  How the heck are you supposed to remember these things when you don't have time to write them in a baby book?  See the answer below.  I've starting doing this with my children every year (this little girl is a client, not mine, though I wish I had a girl) and it's fun to see how their answer changes and you have documentation through the years! Easy Peasy as my children say.

When this little girl's mom and I were talking about doing photos for her two year shoot I suggested this  and she jumped on it.  She had seen it on Pinterest and it's exactly what she was looking for.  So hopefully she is well on her way to documenting "E"'s likes and dislikes through the years.

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