Thursday, January 31, 2013

Holiday Photos - 3 month old

How quickly time flew!  This little baby whose newborn pics I did here is already 3 months old.  Her three month mark coincided with Christmas time so we got a few family pictures, a few holiday pictures and a few three month pictures!  She even smiled in that last photo.  A pro already.

The A Family - San Jose, Ca

This is one of my favorite families to photograph.  I've taken photos of little "A" since he was a newborn and he's my Godson, so I'm a bit biased!  They are such a cute family and they have a new baby on the way arriving in March 2013. I'm so excited!

Japanese Friendship Garden - San Jose

Sometimes when I'm looking for a new location to shoot, I bring the boys with me as test subjects.  We had such a fun time at this garden in San Jose, I had never been there before and it was beautiful.  K had a ton of fun looking at the koi fish and I got a few cute pics.  Win win.

Halloween 2012

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I love that my first son is born so close to Halloween.  Unfortunately, this Halloween he and I both came down with the flu.  He had it a few days before Halloween and was pretty much recovered by Halloween, but I got it on Halloween.  Such a bummer.  I managed to get a few pictures of my cowboy and cow before heading back to bed.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

October Babies turn 3

I met some of my best friends in my birthing class.  We all had our first babies within 3 days of one another and have remained friends.  Here is a pic from their first birthday.....

and just after their second birthday around Christmas time....

This time, for their third birthday, we decided all to go away together and celebrate their birthdays.  I love how in the first one only one of them gets it right when holding up their "3" fingers.

And now there are siblings for our three year olds!  Funnily enough, we all had our second babies within a few months of one another.  Here are the photos of the next generation.

The B Family - Holiday Shoot

I love doing family photos for holiday cards.  This family is passionate about the Dallas Cowboys and Halloween so we captured those two things.  I loved the pumpkin pictures so much we might do them with our boys next year!

Baby Mia

Here she is, little Mia Rose!  She was definitely the smallest baby I have ever photographed.  I believe she was 5 lbs, 12 oz when I photographed her.  She was a trooper though and just kept sleeping!

Brad & Kara - Maternity Shoot

I was so honored when this couple contacted me about doing a maternity/baby shoot.  I photographed their wedding back in 2009 and had such a blast.  This is one of my favorite stories, I hope they don't mind if I tell it.  Brad & Kara did their photo shoot when Kara was 35.5 weeks pregnant, we had a great time.  They didn't know if they were having a boy or a girl so we put both a girls name and a boys name on the chalkboard and took pictures.  After the shoot was over, I contacted Kara and let her know  that they had left a few changes of clothes at my house.  I asked her if she wanted me to hang on to them for another 4 weeks until the baby was born, or mail them to her.  A few days went by before I head from her and when I did, she had had the baby!!  Little Mia Rose came 4 weeks early, 48 hours after they left my house, and surprised us all!!  Good thing we got these maternity pictures when we did.

Baby Juliana

On the same day back in August, I met this beautiful baby!  I love working with little girls because there are so many more fun props to use, and probably because I have two little boys.  She was just as quiet as could be and seemed perfectly comfortable in front of the camera.

Baby Teagan

It's been a really long time since I've posted anything.  Life seems to have gotten away from me while being a mom to two little ones.  I've been taking pictures but not having time to post them!  So in the next few days (or weeks) I'm hoping to bring my blog back up to speed.  :)

Back in August, this little beauty was born!  I had a lot of fun working with her.  We were able to use so many backdrops and she just kept on sleeping.  She made my job easy.