Monday, May 4, 2020

Family Front Porch Mini Sessions!

These are strange times we are living in.  I know as a mom of 3 young boys the idea of staying home wasn't an option we entertained often.  We were constantly on the move between sporting activities, scouting or school functions.  When the Shelter in Place rules came down it forced us to just stop.  Stop moving, stop running, stop putting off things that we should have done but never had time for.  In these last 8 weeks, it's been interesting.  It's been fun, it's been trying, and it's been downright challenging.  Day by day we are getting through it and learning new things about one another that we may not have had time to before.  It's in this time I find myself wanting to document it all.  I thought you all might want to document it too!

I'm offering front porch mini sessions.  They will be 10 minutes long, you will receive 3-5 digital images and cost $75.  These are sessions are whatever you want to make of them.  They can be sweet, they can be silly, they should just be about your family as a unit and what you want to remember during this time.

To reserve your time, please contact me at