Friday, September 6, 2013

Vintage Modern Bridal Shower

My Mother-in-Law and I threw a Bridal Shower for my future Sister-in-Law at the end of June.  She's a very glamourous girl so we wanted to do a modern vintage type shower.  When I came across this shower  I knew I wanted to replicate some of it.  My mother and grandmother raided their silver cabinets and my grandmother went to a few garage sales to find some pieces that would be just right.  The bride-to-be loves dessert so we made sure there were a lot of options.  In addition, she loves ice cream, so I attempted to make mint chocolate chip bon-bons.  It worked out pretty well except for the fact that it was 97 degrees that day in June.  Everyone ate them quickly to prevent melting!

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benilhalk said...

Amazing! Your bridal shower arrangements are fantastic. Truly liked everything. Will implement these buffet ideas in my wedding organized at one of Los Angeles wedding venues. Very happy and quite excited for it.